Pallet into an oyster raft.


We are seeking support from crowdfunding and other sources to help us give shape to our palette, which won the Grand Prize at the Palette Award 2019, “Palette as an Oyster Raft. Individuals and corporations are welcome to support the project.
If you would like to support our “Pallet Oyster” project, the oysters cultivated on these wooden pallet rafts, please consider supporting us.

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What is the Palette Award…

From the creator’s idea, the
The PALLET AWARD finds potential for discarded pallets
Wooden pallets used in the logistics industry on a daily basis were ultimately disposed of by the logistics companies. Disposal costs for wooden pallets (processing, transportation, labor, etc.) are a significant burden, and the CO2 emissions associated with the disposal of wooden pallets have become a major environmental burden.
The PALLET AWARD was started as a collaborative project between Mori Mirai Co., Ltd. and the logistics company Seino Holdings Co.
While these wooden pallets are being used overseas with various ideas and concepts, we hope that this competition will give birth to pallet creators with designs that contribute to the environment.


Making everyone a creator.

MOTION GALLERY connects the circle of empathy to raise funds for creative activities and
Consistent support for the process of bringing ideas to life and delivering them
It is one of the largest and only crowdfunding platforms in the country.

The idea of the presenter and the sympathy of the collector; the connection between the two creativities.
The world might change a little bit that day.

This project is concept funding.
Funding will only happen if we raise more than the target amount we set before it starts. Also, if we do not meet our goal, both the funding and the fulfillment of the return will be cancelled.

Dear Collectors

We are pleased to announce the opening of the special website for the Palette Oyster Project.
We are pleased to announce the names of those who have supported this project at MOTION GALLERY.

To turn a pallet into an oyster raft

First of all, we are pleased to present the slides that won the top prize at the Palette Awards 2019. (Download the document) We will proceed with the explanation while you review those slides.

How can we turn discarded wooden pallets into oyster rafts?
We have requested direct interviews with oyster farmers and are ready to start the demonstration phase after receiving a variety of insights into the current problems of oyster farming, the service life of replacing bamboo with wooden pallets, and the cycle of oyster farming.

We also want to start as a new product that complies with the SDGs and a sustainable society.
The current oyster farming industry has many problems, including plastic spacers and styrofoam floats, which contribute to ocean pollution. In addition, there are beaches in the Seto Inland Sea where oyster shells have accumulated on the shore and it is impossible to walk barefoot. The beautiful oceans are necessary not only for human beings, but also for all living things, including the fish that live there, and should never be polluted by human ego.

Someone has to start working on solving those problems, but the old system is lacking in materials, equipment, manpower, everything.

When regenerated, oyster shells can be recycled into sand pits in parks, soil in fields, lime, and many other things.

Floats can solve the problem with plastic air-floating objects or Styrofoam with a net over them.

What each of us can do may be small, but if we are conscious of what we can do, we can create a big movement. Through oyster farming, we are proud to provide solutions for a wide range of industries, including the fishing, forestry and transportation industries.

SDG solutions can be shown.

What are the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the international goals for the period from 2016 to 2030 described in the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 as the successor to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which were formulated in 2001.
The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets for achieving a sustainable world, and we pledge to “leave no one behind”. Japan’s efforts (PDF).
Quoted:Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • It can add productivity to the huge cost of things that would have been just thrown away in the first place.
  • Because it is not incinerated, it leads to carbon offsets.
  • If recycled, oyster shells can be recycled into a park sandbox, field soil, lime, and many other things.
  • Floats can solve the problem by using plastic air floats or Styrofoam with netting.
  • Pallets that have outlived their useful life can be reused as educational materials by returning them to initiatives such as bucket rice fields.
  • Once the pallet oysters are established as a brand name, the fishing industry will be revitalized and employment is expected to increase.
  • The work of repeating the same thing day after day is also often done by a single person, leading to increased employment for the disabled (intellectual and mental) and shut-ins.

in summary

Disposal of pallets involves huge disposal costs (processing, transportation, labor, etc.) and CO2 emissions associated with the disposal of pallets, which have been a major environmental burden. However, this initiative will create jobs in the oyster farming industry, provide significant carbon offsets, and provide a solution to the SDGs.


It is a long period of time to start an oyster farm, from spawning to harvesting larvae and waiting for oysters to grow. If we start collecting materials now, we will be ready for the next spawning season, but it will take about three years for the oysters to reach the hands of our supporters.

Oyster Farming in Hiroshima

Please check the current schedule and oyster harvesting cycle in the chart below.

This is an aquaculture method commonly used in Hiroshima.
The one we implement is (2) in the table, and you can see that it takes several years.


  1. I will send you a thank you note!
    We will send them to all of our supporters.
  2. You’ll be able to observe the growth of our pallet oysters!
    We’ll give you a PASS that allows you to see how the oysters are growing from a special website.
  3. We’ll give you fertilizer generated from the oyster shells!
    We give away fertilizer produced from pallet oyster shells. Oyster shells are processed by low temperature drying. This fertilizer retains the rich minerals and amino acids contained in the oyster shells without changing the quality of the calcium carbonate.
  1. We’ll send you an SDGs pin!
    We will send you a palette of pallets used for oyster rafts as a badge. Each pallet is processed individually so there will be no one unique piece in the world.
  2. We’ll post your name on our special website!
    Your name will be listed as a sponsor on a special website that showcases the efforts of Palette Oysters. Large, medium and small sizes are available.
  1. You can try your hand at oyster harvesting!
    You can visit a pallet oyster farm in Hiroshima and check on the growth of oysters while actually caring for them.
  2. You can try your hand at oyster farming!
    You can come to our aquaculture farm in Hiroshima and remove the harvested pallet oyster meat yourself. This is not an experience that can be done anywhere, so this is a great way to create memories with your family and friends. You can also make a pot of oyster and eat it on the spot. It will definitely look great on Instagram.
  1. You will receive a pallet of oysters!
    We will send home 500g of oysters peeled by our partner oyster farmers.
  2. You will receive a pallet oyster in the shell!
    We will send home 5 oysters in the shell from our partner oyster farmers.
  3. You’ll be the owner of one line, and all the oysters from that line will be yours!
    All oysters taken from a guard line (approximately 9 meters) hanging from an oyster raft will be delivered to you. You are guaranteed a minimum of 10 oysters in the shell and 1 kg of oysters to be flayed.
  4. You’ll become the owner of an oyster raft and all the oysters harvested from that raft will be yours!
    We will send you all oysters from our oyster rafts (guaranteed minimum 35 oysters in the shell and 1.5 kg of flaked oysters). You are guaranteed a minimum quantity even if you have a bad harvest due to environmental factors.
  5. Invitation to the Palette Oyster Party
    You will be invited to the Palette Oyster Harvest Festival event in Hiroshima. Also, your name and brief profile will be included in the pamphlet that will be handed out on the day of the event. Translated with (free version)

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